21 diciembre 2007

World in Conflict Patch v1.000 - v1.005 (English)

Ya está disponible el nuevo parche para World in Conflict que viene a ser la quinta actualización.
Contiene varias implementaciones y repara los bugs.

Algunos detalles en este nuevo parche
New features:

- Added a Rank Balance feature. Players who purposely create team unbalance will now get a Reinforcement Point penalty.
- Added a log to the clan profile that displays results and stats from the last 63 clan matches.
- Added XML feeds for stats.
- Added new map subdirectory to DS installs for easier installations on remote systems.

Units and balancing:

- Increased cost of Aerial Recon for all roles.
- Increased recharge time of Aerial Recon by 50%.
- Napalm cost increased for all roles.
- Heavy Artillery Barrage cost increased for all roles.
- Heavy Artillery Barrage recharge time increased by 50%.
- Improved visibility of infantry selection rings.

Bug fixes:

- Fixed bug where the third placement of a Tactical Aid would get lost when placing multiples of the same.
- Fixed a bug where Nuke medals would not register when playing as NATO.
- Fixed a bug where getting auto team balanced would not instantly refund Reinforcement Points.
- Fixed a bug that made resupplying infantry squads cost less if player switched role.
- The Line of Sight (LOS) shader in Mega Map mode is no longer out of sync with the play field.
- Fixed a bug that occurred if you tried to rejoin a match that had ended in your absence.
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